Drive Traffic From Social Media in 2022

Did you realise that some bloggers get the majority of their traffic from social media? You can accomplish the same thing for your business, but you must be strategic, methodical, and innovative. Not everyone with a social media following can convert this into significant traffic to their site. The following are innovative ways to use social media to attract visitors to your blog.

1. Include Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website

One minor disadvantage of having many channels for your material is connecting them. As a result, most websites have a menu or area that allows you to share the content on social media, generally in a tucked-away corner of the page or at the bottom of a post:

This is a terrific approach to increase traffic to your site, especially when you’re offering a strong Call To Action (CTA) for eligible visitors. By including share buttons on your website’s pages, you are discreetly encouraging your visitors to share your material on social media.

If you carefully arrange these buttons on your blog pages, you can easily influence your social shares positively and subsequently enhance your blog traffic.

Aside from merely incorporating social share buttons, you may also include functionality such as ‘Click to Tweet’ boxes on your site. This tool allows readers to share certain chunks (highlights) of your posts that you’ve hand-picked (more of which, later.)

2. Use Your Hashtags Strategically

Writing great content is always a priority, but getting it to the correct audience is equally crucial. Enter the term ‘hashtags.’ They are just labels preceded with an octothorpe (“#”) that allow other social media users to see your content:

When you publish a new blog article and share it on social media, make sure to include the appropriate hashtags. When used strategically, they instantly make your material discoverable by your target audience using the channel’s search engine. Your reach will no longer be limited to your current followers, and you will be able to attract new followers as well.

Twitter and Instagram are two social media platforms where hashtags can be used strategically to your advantage. You should probably perform some study to locate the ideal hashtags for your requirements. Keeping track of trends, employing your own branded hashtags, building bespoke hashtag campaigns, and much more are all possibilities.

3. Share Your Posts Automatically

Another intriguing method for increasing blog traffic is to automate article distribution. There are tools you may utilise to help you instead of having to share your blog posts every time you make one. This method of content distribution is both speedier and less prone to errors.

We believe the Jetpack for WordPress plugin is great for content sharing:
Jetpack connects with WordPress directly (naturally) and allows you to check your social network sharing options whenever you’re going to publish a new post. These posts will then be shared on your associated Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

4. Repost Your Old Content

Every time you publish fresh blog content, there is a good probability that you will gain additional visibility from it in the future. As your blog grows, you will have a fantastic library of content and ideas. As a result, publishing your old material will be an effective strategy to increase traffic.

Of course, the first step is to locate the appropriate posts to reshare. You can base your decision on current trends or any other metric you want to consider. You can share the posts as they were originally published, or you can change and renew them.

Repurposing outdated content may entail modifying the title or updating older sections of the article. Whatever method you employ, the idea is to make the content you’re reposting feel as current, informative, and topical as possible.

5. Distribute Quotable Snippets from Your Posts

When many bloggers publish their content on social media, they merely provide titles, photographs, and links. While this is obviously significant, it may not be enough to capture the attention of your intended reader. Sharing quotable parts of your content on social media can be an excellent strategy to pique your readers’ attention and ultimately get them to visit your blog:

First, locate a post and carefully extract some relevant bits. Choose them with social media in mind, and think about which lines will elicit the most user involvement. Quotes, statistics, and other fascinating aspects form excellent snippets.

You can then distribute many snippets using various scheduling software applications, or use them in other ways. We mentioned, for example, giving them as Tweetable quotations for social media, which is a great approach to reach new readers.

6. Make Exclusive Content for Your Fans

If you want to increase your social media followers, you should always provide them a reason to do so. The long-term return here is that as your social followers increase, so will your entire audience. You can gain more followers by generating exclusive material for them.

Bloggers frequently propose that their viewers follow their social media profiles in order to obtain access to unique content:
These articles should be more valuable than the free posts. They may receive a code in their emails after following your accounts, or they may obtain quick access to the unique content after checking in. ShortStack is an excellent tool for tracking social media subscriptions and automating email responses.

7. Social Media Collaboration with Other Bloggers

Many bloggers make the mistake of seeing their blogs as a one-man show. Social media not only allows you to communicate with your followers, but it also allows you to network with other bloggers. Collaboration, particularly with individuals in your niche, allows you to acquire legitimate access to their follower base:

However, blogger collaborations are about more than just expanding your readership. They are also an excellent resource for learning from the experiences of other bloggers. This is why reaching out to other bloggers, featuring on each other’s social media sites, and forming a rewarding symbiotic relationship is always a good idea.

In a nutshell, you should put on your salesman hat for this one. The goal is to provide the benefits of collaboration to the blogger you’re attempting to reach. If you can demonstrate them how they will benefit, the chances of a successful collaboration are high.


Increasing your site traffic might be a difficult undertaking. Although social media has a lot of promise, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to get the most out of it.

Sharing buttons, when used correctly, can be highly powerful tools for promoting your blog material to a bigger audience. Among many other techniques, you should learn how to use hashtags and collaborate with other bloggers to achieve your site’s objectives.

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