Top 5 Hospitals and Clinics in India You Need to Know About

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Picture this: you’re on a quest for top-notch medical care, but the options are overwhelming. You want quality that doesn’t break the bank and doctors who are more like magicians with stethoscopes.

That’s where India comes in, grabbing headlines not just for its rich culture but also as a hub of world-class hospitals and clinics. (And yep, it’s turning heads for all the right reasons!).

Did you know? India boasts a whopping 479 hospitals – that’s more than any other country on our list! And if we talk size, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital isn’t playing around; they’ve got 1000 beds ready to serve patients around the clock.

Now relax, because I’ve got your back on this healthcare journey. Our blog will be your trusty map to exploring India’s finest medical fortresses offering everything from heart fixes to bionic limbs—all at prices that’ll make your wallet sigh with relief.

Ready to dive into an ocean of stellar patient care and revolutionary treatments? Trust me; this is a ride worth hopping on!

Key Takeaways

  • India has many hospitals with top care at good prices.
  • Big hospitals like Medanta and Apollo use the newest tools and tech.
  • Doctors in India speak English, so patients from all over can understand their care.

Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

Hey there, globe trotters and health seekers! Are you on the scout for top-notch medical care without breaking the bank? Peek into India’s healthcare scene – it’s a treasure trove where cutting-edge treatment shimmies hand in hand with those oh-so-sweet price tags.

And guess what? You’re not just getting a deal; you’re getting world-class docs who’ve seen things, fixed things, and been around that surgical block more than a few times. Let’s dive in and find out why India could be your next stop for that long-awaited checkup or even something a tad more intricate..


Getting medical care in India won’t break the bank. You can find top-notch treatments but not have to spend a lot of money. This is great news, right? People from all over come here because they save cash while still getting amazing healthcare.

Hospitals in India offer surgeries and services that might cost a whole lot more somewhere else.

Here’s something cool: Vaidam helps you connect with these affordable hospitals without any trouble. They know about budget-friendly places where you can get really good care. So, if you need help with your health and don’t want to spend too much, think about checking out what Indian clinics and hospitals have for you!

Experienced and Skilled Medical Professionals

In India, the doctors and nurses are top-notch. They’ve spent a lot of time learning how to take good care of patients. Many have studied or worked in different places around the world, bringing back new ideas and techniques.

With their skills, they do hard surgeries like fixing hearts or replacing hips with ease. The medical teams at Indian hospitals are big on teamwork too, making sure everyone gets the help they need.

Let’s talk about these super smart health pros! From heart docs to bone fixers, they know their stuff inside out. Hospitals make sure they’re always up-to-date with what’s new in medicine.

And because they see patients from all over, they get really good at figuring out what each person needs for the best care possible.

International Accreditation

Hospitals in India are stepping up their game. They’re getting thumbs-up from big-time global groups that check if health places are top-notch. We’re talking about the Joint Commission International (JCI), the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), and lots of them have ISO certifications too!

What does all this mean? Well, it’s like a high-five for hospitals that show they give great care to patients and keep everyone safe. It’s not just a pat on the back – these badges of honor make sure you’re getting world-class treatment when you walk through their doors.

So when you pick a hospital with one of these shiny stickers, you know it’s serious about keeping things tip-top!

Advanced Infrastructure

Holding international accreditation means hospitals are top-notch. Now, think about walking into a place that has the latest machines and smart tech everywhere. Indian clinics and super specialty hospitals are just like this.

They’ve got rooms filled with high-end gear for all sorts of medical checks and treatments.

Surgeons use cool robots to do operations so they’re extra safe and precise. These places also have special areas to take care of heart problems or brain issues with tools that are really advanced, making sure everyone gets the help they need fast and right.

It’s like being in a future where better health is for everyone!

No Language Barrier

Talking with doctors and nurses is easy in Indian hospitals. They speak English well, so there’s no stress about not being understood. Whether you’re from the United States or any other place where English is spoken, you’ll feel right at home.

Plus, they have people who can speak other languages too. So, if you need help in Spanish, Arabic or any other language, they’ve got your back.

Hey there! If you’re worried about understanding everything while getting medical care far from home – don’t be! In India’s top-notch hospitals like Medanta The Medicity, language won’t trip you up.

Next up: Let’s dive into what makes Medanta The Medicity stand out in healthcare delivery.

Medanta The Medicity

Medanta The Medicity isn’t just a hospital – it’s a healthcare powerhouse, tucked away in Gurgaon and bustling with some of the finest medical minds in the country. Think top-notch care meets cutting-edge tech where every patient’s story is heard—whether they’re here for a routine check-up or something that requires the big guns of neurology or cardiology.

Overview and Specialties (Medanta The Medicity)

Medanta The Medicity stands out for its expert care and cutting-edge medical services. Founded by the famous heart doctor, Dr. Naresh Trehan, it’s a place where patients come first and get top-notch treatments.

They have some of the best teams for heart, brain, bones and joints, kidneys, cancer care, and blood diseases. Imagine robots helping in surgeries; yes, they do that here! It makes things like fixing hearts or taking care of women’s health super precise.

This hospital is a trailblazer with more than 15,000 heart operations and lots of joint replacements under its belt – not to mention a world leader in liver transplants! With all these high-tech treatments and skilled doctors around every corner (they even won awards!), you’d be in really good hands at Medanta The Medicity.

Now let’s take a peek into another healthcare giant – Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Picture this: You’re strolling through a place where cutting-edge medicine meets compassionate care – welcome to Fortis Memorial Research Institute, an avant-garde healthcare oasis that’s become the talk of the town (and beyond) for its top-notch specialties and patient-centric approach.

So why just read about it? Dive in to discover more!

Overview and Specialties (Fortis Memorial Research Institute)

Fortis Memorial Research Institute stands out as a top-notch medical hub, wearing the badge of “MECCA OF HEALTHCARE” for the Asia Pacific. Here, folks with heart trouble or brain issues find some of the best care around.

Their doctors are stars in cardiology and neurology, not to mention cancer fighters in oncology.

This place isn’t just beds and operating rooms; it’s got over 55 specialties humming under one roof! They’re ranked super high globally for their fancy tech—second place no less.

And they don’t just heal people; they’re big on learning and research too, aiming to make medicine even better tomorrow. With everything from emergency care to advanced surgeries, FMRI’s 300-bed facility is where healing meets innovation.

Artemis Hospital

5. Artemis Hospital:.

Oh, Artemis Hospital? That’s a gem tucked away in Gurgaon, known for its cutting-edge technology and top-notch docs who’ve seen more cases than Sherlock. It’s like a healthcare ninja — stealthy but powerful; with specialties that’ll have you back on your feet before you can say “get well soon!”.

Overview and Specialties (Artemis Hospital)

Artemis Hospital stands out in Gurgaon as a leader with top-notch care. It’s the kind of place you’d go for high-tech scans and cutting-edge treatments, not just your everyday check-up.

Imagine doctors who are stars in their fields, using all the latest gadgets to look inside you and fix what’s wrong — that’s what they do here. From fixing hearts to replacing joints and even tricky liver transplants, they’ve got it covered.

Need super-special surgery? They’re on it. We’re talking tiny cameras for a sneak peek inside or big-time operations without leaving huge scars. And education is big here too – they work with universities so tomorrow’s doctors get smarter every day.

If something’s gone haywire in your body, chances are Artemis Hospital has someone who can sort it out stat!

Apollo Hospitals

Oh, Apollo Hospitals? They’re a powerhouse in the healthcare game – total life-savers when it comes to specialties like cardiac surgery and orthopedics. I mean, these guys have been pioneering medical advancements in India, all while making sure folks get top-notch care.

Overview and Specialties (Apollo Hospitals)

Apollo Hospitals have a big name in India’s healthcare world. They’re called the “Architect of Modern Healthcare” and for good reasons! Here, they take care of sick folks with some top-notch skills, especially when it comes to tough illnesses like cancer or brain problems.

They also do surgeries with only small cuts so you heal faster.

They’ve got cool stuff like robots to help with surgeries, and they always try to use the latest gadgets to make sure you get better quick. The doctors at Apollo are pretty famous and work real hard to bring fancy medical care that usually costs a lot down to prices more people can manage.

Plus, if you’re from another country looking for medical treatment in India, this place is ready for you too!

Max Hospitals

Oh, Max Hospitals? These folks have really cornered the market when it comes to uniting cutting-edge medical tech with super skilled docs across a range of specialties—from tickers to hips—and they’ve got this knack for making healthcare feel less like a chore and more like, well, care.

(Trust me; you’ll wanna hear all about their unique approach!).

Overview and Specialties (Max Hospitals)

Max Hospitals are everywhere in North India. You can find 14 of them! They have a big team with more than 2000 doctors who know a lot about health. Their nurses and staff are also top-notch, making sure you get the care you need.

Talking about care, they do all kinds of medical treatments that use the latest technology and smart ways to make people better.

They’ve got special clinics for tricky health issues like when someone’s body movements aren’t right or when women have heart problems. Max Hospitals focus on teaching new things to doctors too, and they always want to learn more through research.

If you’re looking for great treatment and caring experts, this place has your back.

Manipal Hospitals

Oh, Manipal Hospitals? You’re in for a treat with this one. Picture this: a network that’s become synonymous with top-notch healthcare across India, offering a broad spectrum from heart transplants to knee replacements – yeah, they’ve pretty much got you covered from head to toe.

It’s like walking into the future of medical excellence; you might just forget you’re in a hospital and not some high-tech wellness sanctuary!

Overview and Specialties (Manipal Hospitals)

Manipal Hospitals shines as a beacon of healing, with a squad of over 300 full-time doctors and health experts. They offer top-notch care in specialties like Anesthesiology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Ayurveda, and many more.

Imagine walking into a place where the latest medical tech meets compassionate care. That’s this hospital for you! Their bone marrow transplant unit? It’s huge – one of the largest in Asia and it’s got some serious cred with that MUD transplant milestone.

But hey, it’s not just about treating patients; these folks are all about pushing boundaries too. With 11 centers of excellence across various fields, they’re heavy hitters in research and education to keep improving what they do best – giving you healthcare service that’s nothing short of amazing.

Whether it’s critical care or geriatric medicine you need, trust that Manipal Hospitals has both the high-tech tools and the skilled pros ready to get you back on your feet.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital

Oh, BLK Super Specialty Hospital? Let me tell ya, this place is a juggernaut in the healthcare scene – think cutting-edge tech meets top-notch docs. They’ve got their fingers on the pulse of advanced treatments; whether you’re eyeing neurosurgery or itching for some orthopedic wizardry, they’ve got your back..

and every other part of you, for that matter!

Overview and Specialties (BLK Super Specialty Hospital)

BLK Super Specialty Hospital shines among the top medical spots in India. Got a tricky health issue? This is the place to be! It’s packed with smart doctors and cutting-edge gizmos.

They’re all about giving you awesome care that makes you say, “Wow!”.

What’s cool here? Well, they do a ton of super-special treatments like fixing hearing with Cochlear Implants and helping folks start families with IVF. Feeling weighed down? Their Bariatric surgery could be just what you need.

Plus, they’re not just any hospital – these guys hang out with big names like JCI and NABH, which means they’re serious about being the best.

Education and research are huge for them too – because getting better at medicine means getting better at helping you. It’s no wonder people put BLK on their top 10 hospitals list! So if your body needs some TLC or high-tech healing, join the crowd heading over to BLK Super Specialty Hospital – it’s where magic (okay..

science) happens.

Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

Diving into the heart of excellence, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital stands out with its cutting-edge cardiac sciences and a knack for complex surgeries—think Devi Shetty’s legacy brought to life in surging beats and seamless care! (And hey, that’s just scratching the surface—there’s plenty more once you step through those doors..)

Overview and Specialties (Narayana Superspeciality Hospital)

Narayana Superspeciality Hospital shines as a place where patients can expect top-notch care without having to worry about their wallets getting too light. It’s like a medical wonderland, with specialties running the gamut from heart-pumping Cardiac Sciences and brainy Neurosciences to Bone & Joint care that gets you back on your feet.

Imagine this: one of Asia’s biggest Bone Marrow Transplant Centers sits here, proudly doing Delhi’s first-ever MUD transplant!

This hospital isn’t just good; it’s award-winning-good, earning high-fives for being awesome at what it does. People from all over the globe land up here not only for the world-class treatments but also because everyone speaks their language—literally and figuratively—and they feel right at home.

Next up is Marengo Asia Hospital – let’s see what makes them stand out!

Marengo Asia Hospital

Alright, fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the heart of Chennai where Marengo Asia Hospital stands tall – a beacon of modern medicine and compassionate care. This place is like the Swiss Army knife of healthcare: whatever medical hiccup you’ve got, chances are they’ve got a high-tech gadget or a top-notch specialist ready to tackle it.

From their cutting-edge cardiac care (think 3D mapping that sounds more sci-fi than OR) to neurosurgery so precise it’d give a robot an identity crisis – this joint’s all about keeping you ticking and kicking!

Overview and Specialties (Marengo Asia Hospital)

Marengo Asia Hospital shines in the land of India with its 11 centers of excellence and top-tier medical staff. Picture this, a place bustling with 300 full-time doctors ready to tackle health mysteries across 40 specialties! They’ve got an IVF wing that’s all about bringing new life into the world and gynecology experts who wield the latest microsurgical tools like wizards.

Their surgeons perform liver transplants so smoothly it’s as if they’re crafting art.

Now get this, they don’t just patch you up; they’re leaders in research and education too, joining hands with smarty-pants universities to push medicine forward. With areas like Cardiac Sciences and Neurosciences to Orthopaedics and Oncology, no stone is left unturned at this healthcare haven.

So whether your bones are creaky or your heart needs attention, they’ve got you covered—and then some.

Next up: Jaypee Hospital. Imagine walking into a place where caring meets cutting-edge..

Jaypee Hospital

So, you’re curious about Jaypee Hospital, huh? Get this—nestled in the bustling heart of Noida is where you’ll find this health haven, packing a punch with its cutting-edge facilities and top-notch medical maestros.

It’s like that best-kept secret for everything from neuro whiz-bangery to ortho wizardry. And hey, if your joints are throwing tantrums or your ticker needs a tune-up, these folks have got your back..and knees..and heart! (You get the picture.).

Overview and Specialties (Jaypee Hospital)

Jaypee Hospital stands out as a beacon of health in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. With its sprawling 1200 beds, it’s a power-packed multi-specialty center that takes on emergencies, keeps eyes sharp and ears clear, fights cancer, makes hearts stronger, cares for kidneys and brains, protects smiles with dental care, mends bones and joints plus much more.

Picture this: you’re rolling into one of their 18 modern operating theaters or getting state-of-the-art imaging like the 256 Slice CT Scan or 3.0 Tesla MRI.

They’ve got some serious muscle in medical tech too—like Da Vinci’s robotic hands for surgery (pretty cool right?). And let’s not forget their bone marrow transplant center; it’s huge – one of Asia’s largest! Folks from all over come here because they know Jaypee Hospital has top-notch care whether they need a new liver or help breathing easy again.

They even mix old-school wisdom with treatments rooted in Ayurveda alongside cutting-edge laparoscopic surgeries. It’s no wonder people talk about this place when they think ‘best hospitals in India’.

Facilities for International Patients in India

Hospitals in India roll out the red carpet for folks from other countries. They get help right when they step off the plane. Friendly faces guide them to comfy places to stay and tasty food that feels like home.

Need a hand with the local words? No worries! Translators are there to chat, making sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Imagine having a doctor’s visit without leaving your cozy hotel room – that’s telemedicine for you, super handy for quick check-ups or follow-up chats after surgery. And if you’re wondering about getting back on your feet post-surgery, India’s got top-notch physiotherapy to get you moving again.

Plus, special desks at hospitals make all the paperwork easy-peasy so international patients can focus on feeling better, not filling forms!


India rolls out the red carpet for anyone seeking great care without breaking the bank. Think top-notch doctorsmodern hospitals, and all at a price that makes sense. Traveling here could mean getting healthy and saving money—now that’s smart! From heart work to joint fixes, they’ve pretty much nailed medical magic.

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So why wait? It might just be your best move for health!


1. What makes a hospital in India ‘super-specialty’?

Well, it’s like this: a super-specialty hospital has top-notch doctors and high-tech stuff for really specific medical problems. Think heart issues needing a cardiac surgeon or tricky brain workups that need neuro surgery.

2. I’ve heard of medical tourism; why do people travel to India for it?

Ah, great question! So, folks fly over to India ’cause the care is ace—like world-class but without the scary price tag. From nephrology to orthopedic surgeries, you name it—they’ve got the tech and skills!

3. Are Indian hospitals good at handling emergencies?

You bet! They’re on their toes 24/7 with emergency medicine ready to roll. Plus, there’s always an ambulance just around the corner at places like Tata Memorial Hospital.

4. Kokilaben Hospital… Heard it’s fancy; what’s all the buzz about?

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital? Total all-rounder! With nursing staff that’ll pamper you silly while top docs handle everything from arthroscopy to joint replacement (and let’s not forget about that shiny IGRT machine).

5. Can I get my whole health check-up done in one place in India?

For sure! Many clinics offer point-of-care services so whether it’s your bones or your belly—you can get checked out all under one roof!

6. Do they have any special machines for surgery in Indian hospitals?

Oh boy, do they ever! Robots doing robotic surgery—like sci-fi but real—and even Novalis Tx zapping tumors with rays straight from tomorrowland.

General Facts

1. India has the most number of hospitals (479) compared to other countries on the list

2. The top cities with the most hospitals are New Delhi (70), Hyderabad (46), and Bangalore (43)

3. The hospitals offer a wide range of departments including Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (185), Urology Treatment (125), and Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery (121)

4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, established in 1996, is a multi-specialty hospital with 1000 beds

5. Medanta – The Medicity in Gurgaon, India was established in 2009 by Dr. Naresh Trehan and has 1250 beds

6. MIOT Hospitals in Chennai is known for its professional standards in orthopedics, nephrology, cardiovascular care, neurology, pediatric cardio surgery, gastroenterology, and cancer treatment

7. Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh is a 262-bed, NABH-accredited, multi-specialty tertiary care hospital

8. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital in Bengaluru is a comprehensive super-specialty facility with highly-qualified medical and support teams

9. Wockhardt Hospitals follows process-driven quality systems that adhere to international standards of clinical care, safe environment, medication safety, respect for patient rights and privacy, and infection control standards

10. SevenHills Hospital currently has two hospitals, located in the cities of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

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Facts about -Cost-effectiveness, Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

1. Indian hospitals and clinics are cost-effective, providing world-class treatment at an affordable price.

2. India has a supportive ecosystem for international patients with language competency, multicultural food options, and specialized staff assistance.

3. Vaidam is a NABH certified healthcare discovery platform that connects patients to top-notch medical experts, hospitals, and trusted travel partners, helping them make the right healthcare choices within their budget.

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Facts about -Experienced and Skilled Medical Professionals, Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

1. India has an ecosystem that supports international patients with language competency, multicultural food options, hotels and guest houses, separate international desks in all big hospitals, and specialized staff assistance.

2. Vaidam is a NABH certified healthcare discovery platform that connects patients to top-notch medical experts, hospitals, wellness options, and trusted travel partners to help identify and make the right healthcare choices.

3. Vaidam Health has a network in major cities in India and Turkey for medical care and received the prestigious NABH accreditation.

4. TransEarth offers world class treatment at an affordable price in affiliated hospitals located in major metro cities of India with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

5. Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh is the first hospital in India to acquire a green building certification.

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Facts about -International Accreditation, Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

1. Many hospitals and clinics in India have received international accreditation from prestigious organizations such as JCI, NABH, and ISO.

2. International accreditation indicates that these hospitals and clinics meet the highest standards of medical care and patient safety.

3. Vaidam is a NABH certified healthcare discovery platform that connects patients to top-notch medical experts, hospitals, wellness options, and trusted travel partners to help identify and make the right healthcare choices in India.

4. TransEarth offers world-class treatment at an affordable price in affiliated hospitals located in major metro cities of India, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and accreditation from international bodies.

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Facts about -Advanced Infrastructure, Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

1. Indian hospitals and clinics offer advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

2. Many hospitals in India have received international accreditation, such as JCI and NABH, ensuring high-quality healthcare standards.

3. The hospitals in India provide a wide range of medical and surgical interventions, covering various specialties and depth of expertise.

4. Indian hospitals have been recognized and awarded for their excellence in healthcare service, technology, and patient care.

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Facts about -No Language Barrier, Why Choose Indian Hospitals and Clinics?

1. Hospitals in India have specialized staff and services to assist international patients, eliminating language barriers.

2. India has an ecosystem that supports international patients, offering language competency, multicultural food options, and accommodation services.

3. Language is not a barrier for international patients seeking medical treatment in Indian hospitals.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Medanta The Medicity), Medanta The Medicity

1. Medanta – The Medicity is a multi-super specialty hospital known for high standards of patient care and top-quality medical services.

2. The hospital has performed more than 15,000 cardiac surgeries, 2500 joint replacement surgeries, and the highest number of liver transplants done in India and the second highest in the world.

3. It was awarded as the Best Multispecialty Hospital by Asia’s First Bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG) in 2010 and the VC Circle Healthcare Awards for Single Specialty Healthcare Entity category in 2013.

4. The hospital is NABH and NABL accredited and has centers of excellence including the Heart Institute, Institute of Neurosciences, Bone & Joint Institute, Kidney & Urology Institute, Cancer Institute, and Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology.

5. Medanta is the first hospital in the country to offer robotic surgeries in Cardiology, Urology, and Gynaecology.

6. The hospital was established in 2009 by renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan, and is known for its high standards of patient care and top-quality medical services.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Fortis Memorial Research Institute), Fortis Memorial Research Institute

1. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a multi-specialty hospital with state-of-the-art facilities.

2. The hospital is recognized as a center of excellence for specialties such as cardiology, neurology, and oncology.

3. FMRI is a NABH accredited multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with 300 beds and over 55 facilities.

4. The hospital ranked second in a global study of the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.

5. FMRI is known as the ‘MECCA OF HEALTHCARE’ for the Asia Pacific region.

6. The hospital has a strong commitment to research and education, with various programs aimed at improving patient care and advancing the field of medicine.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Artemis Hospital), Artemis Hospital

1. Artemis Hospital is the first JCI and NABH accredited hospital in Gurgaon

2. The hospital specializes in advanced medical imaging and technologies

3. It offers a wide spectrum of medical and surgical interventions

4. Artemis Hospital has a team of experienced and renowned doctors

5. The hospital offers specialized treatments such as Anesthesiology, Liver Transplant, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

6. The hospital emphasizes research and education with partnerships with universities and research organizations

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Apollo Hospitals), Apollo Hospitals

1. Apollo Hospitals is known as the ‘Architect of Modern Healthcare’ in India.

2. The hospital chain is recognized for its professional standards in specialties such as oncology, orthopedics, neurosciences, and minimally invasive surgery.

3. Apollo Hospitals has a strong presence across India, offering quality healthcare to both national and international patients.

4. The hospital has embraced rapid advancement in medical equipment and pioneered the introduction of cutting-edge innovations in India.

5. Apollo Hospitals offers cutting-edge medical procedures and invests in technology to improve clinical outcomes and enhance service.

6. Renowned doctors work towards bringing International standard healthcare within the reach of every individual.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Max Hospitals), Max Hospitals

1. Max Healthcare Institute has 14 hospitals across North India.

2. Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket was founded in 2006.

3. Max Healthcare consists of a team of more than 2000 leading doctors, 3300 nurses, and 3200 trained staff.

4. Specialty clinics include Movement Disorder Clinic, Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, and Women’s Heart Clinic.

5. Max Healthcare Institute offers a wide spectrum of advanced medical and surgical interventions.

6. The hospital has a strong emphasis on research and education.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Manipal Hospitals), Manipal Hospitals

1. Manipal Hospitals offers specialized treatments such as Anesthesiology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Ayurveda, Endocrinology, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and more.

2. The hospital has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, ensuring top-quality medical services.

3. Manipal Hospitals utilizes the latest technology and advanced diagnostic equipment for patient care.

4. It has 11 centers of excellence, 40 specialties, and 300 full-time doctors specializing in a wide array of medical care services.

5. The bone marrow transplant center at Manipal Hospitals is one of the largest in Asia and is accredited with Delhi’s first MUD (Match Unrelated Donor) transplant.

6. Manipal Hospitals has a strong emphasis on research and education, with various programs aimed at improving patient care and advancing the field of medicine.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (BLK Super Specialty Hospital), BLK Super Specialty Hospital

1. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is associated with esteemed organizations such as JCI and NABH.

2. The hospital specializes in Cochlear Implant, IVF & Infertility Treatment, and Bariatric surgery.

3. The hospital is enlisted under the top 10 hospitals in India.

4. The hospital provides a wide range of services in the field of Super Specialty Tertiary Healthcare.

5. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is known for its high standards of patient care and top-quality medical services.

6. The hospital emphasizes research and education in improving patient care and advancing the field of medicine.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Narayana Superspeciality Hospital), Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

1. Narayana Superspeciality Hospital offers specialized treatments including Anesthesiology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Ayurveda, Endocrinology, ENT, and more.

2. The hospital is known for its expertise in Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Emergency & Trauma, Bone & Joint, Renal Sciences, Gastro Sciences, Critical Care, and Organ Transplants.

3. The hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplant Center is one of the largest in Asia and is accredited with Delhi’s first MUD (Match Unrelated Donor) transplant.

4. Narayana Superspeciality Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost, making it a popular choice for patients seeking medical treatment in India.

5. The hospital has received recognition and awards for its excellence in healthcare, further establishing its reputation as a leading healthcare provider in India.

6. Patients from across the globe choose Narayana Superspeciality Hospital for its world-class medical care, language competency, and multicultural accommodation services.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Marengo Asia Hospital), Marengo Asia Hospital

1. Marengo Asia Hospital has a dedicated IVF wing and advanced microsurgical equipment in their Gynecology department.

2. The hospital has 11 centers of excellence, 40 specialties, and 300 full-time doctors, showcasing a wide array of medical care services and advanced technologies in diagnostic, predictive, and therapeutic imaging.

3. The hospital emphasizes research and education, with partnerships with several universities and research organizations, showcasing their commitment to advancing the field of medicine.

4. Marengo Asia Hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for patients seeking high-quality medical care in India.

5. The specialized transplant team at Marengo Asia Hospital has completed a high number of liver transplants, displaying their expertise in this area.

6. The hospital provides a wide range of treatments, from complex to routine, and from pediatric to adult, through its 30 streams of clinical specialties, including Cardiac Sciences, Nephrology, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Urology, Gastroenterology, and Oncology.

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Facts about -Overview and Specialties (Jaypee Hospital), Jaypee Hospital

1. Jaypee Hospital is a 1200 bedded tertiary care multi-specialty facility with expertise in Emergency & Trauma, Ophthalmology, ENT, Cancer Institute, Heart Institute, Kidney Diseases, Neurosciences, Dental Care, Bone & Joints, Ortho care, and Minimal Access Surgery.

2. The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies including 20-bedded dialysis unit, 4 Cardiac Cath Lab with Hybrid OT, 150 critical care beds, 24-bedded advanced Neonatal ICU, 18 Modular OTs, 325 Ward beds, 2 Linear Accelerator, 3.0 Tesla MRI, 64 Slice PET-CT, 256 Slice CT Scan, and Da Vinci Robotic Surgery.

3. Jaypee Hospital provides services in specialties like Nuclear Medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Organ Transplant, Aesthetics & Cosmetics Sciences, Plastic Surgery, Pulmonology, and Rheumatology.

4. The hospital also offers specialized treatments in Anesthesiology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Ayurveda, Endocrinology, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Nuclear Medicine, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Liver Transplant, and Pathology.

5. The bone marrow transplant center at Jaypee Hospital is one of the largest in Asia and is accredited with Delhi’s first MUD (Match Unrelated Donor) transplant.

6. Jaypee Hospital is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Facts about – Facilities for International Patients in India

1. India has an ecosystem that supports international patients with language competency, multicultural food options, specialized staff assistance, and excellent accommodation services.

2. Healthcare discovery platforms like Vaidam and TransEarth connect international patients to top-notch medical experts, hospitals, and wellness options in India, helping them make informed healthcare choices.

3. Vaidam Health offers personalized treatment plans, concierge services for medical visa, airline fares, stay arrangements, and paid tele/video consultation from top doctors.

4. Hospitals in India are located in major metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon, providing accessibility and convenience for international patients.

5. India is known for its medical tourism, with a growing number of international patients choosing to seek treatment in the country due to its high-quality healthcare facilities and affordable costs.

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